Friday, July 07, 2006

Best & Worst of the Emmys, part two.

This morning's Emmy nominations have given us reasons to celebrate (see previous blog), but they've fortunately given us plenty of reasons to complain as well. Below are my current grievances for your perusal.

I said, My Name is Earl!!: The Emmy folks seem to have forgotten that My Name is Earl is one of the best new comedies out there. I think it's great that The Office got recognition, but its Thursday night counterpart deserved some Emmy face-time as well. Earl's spot was taken by Two and a Half Men, a show that no single person that I know has seen. The show's so-called stars, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, also stole actor/supporting actor spots from Jason Lee and the adorably goofy Ethan Suplee, respectively. The line "Earl, should I have my chicken grilled or McNuggeted?" speaks for itself. Earl makes me laugh. Hard. Keep in mind that I have an embarrassing, dorky laugh, so I don't like to use it that often. This show is worth it.

Lead Actors Getting Upstaged: It's always a shame to see lead actors getting overlooked at awards shows, while the supporting cast gets acknowledged. Jason Lee is probably thinking of ways to sabotage Jaime Pressly's makeup, and Jason Bateman of Arrested Development will have to give one of those insincere "congratulations" calls that we all hate to give our pregnant/promoted/fabulously-lucky relatives and friends. What about Anna Maxwell Martin, of the Bleak House miniseries? She was the main character, carried the series, and had to wear smallpox makeup, for heaven's sake! Can I get a "Hello!"? This rule does not apply to the Desperate Housewives, however. Those vile cats can drown in their own collagen as far as I'm concerned.

They call it CBS because that's all you see, BS: Enough with the CBS sitcoms, already!! Kevin James for King of Queens? Maybe in the earlier seasons, when that show hadn't exhausted all of its plotlines. Seriously, does anyone actually watch Two and a Half Men?

Go Away. Now: Who still watches West Wing, for real? The show was cutting edge and exciting many moons ago, back when there was hope for an articulate President. The show may as well have talking dolls and mermaids on it like Passions. Those actors shouldn't be taking up space in their categories when there are tons of talented actors doing new things with their roles. Same goes for you, Will and Grace cast members. Nobody wants you here. Nobody! Sean Hayes' spot in the Supporting Actor category should have gone to Michael Cera of Arrested Development. Seven words: "What a fun, sexy time for you." Enough said.

The Network of Far, Far, Away: I will never get Showtime, ever. Why tease me with these make-believe shows like Huff and Weeds? For every hour of these shows, I'm sure Showtime still airs about 10 hours of straight-to-DVD movies. No thanks.

Something's Missing Here: Will someone please nominate Lauren Graham for Gilmore Girls before the show ends, if for no other reason than to wipe that bitter look off of her face? Any why no Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars? Get on the trolley, people. That show rules! And I understand that Lost took itself out of the running due to its overall suckiness this year, but Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje kept me watching. Let's get some new blood in there, please.
Overall, I'm really excited for the Emmys, because there's really nothing else on TV right now. Even the World Cup will be ending soon. Plus, Conan will be hosting! Perhaps there's hope after all.